Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to Promote Business on YouTube? Part 3

How to use YouTube for Business Promotion?

Show Expertise
- Create short videos which will be of interest to your clients containing valuable tips and information. It will show your expertise.

Expand Reach
- Turn your podcasts into videos, it will expand your reach.

Explain Services
– Explain your product and services through videos. Study shows that with videos people have better understanding and clarity.

Show Credibility
– A customer video testimonial will add to your credibility

Help Customers
– Create “how to” videos to help your customers use your product or services
- Post solution to common product or service problem

Promote Events
– Promote your events using recordings of the previous events

Make Customers feel Connected
- Take them to your office tour
- Embed customer support and product tour videos on appropriate pages on your website

Engage with Community
– Engage with the YouTube community by leaving comments and uploading video responses to videos on topics related to your business or industry

Knowledge and Public speaking
– Upload recordings of the presentation you have given. It will demonstrate your knowledge and public speaking skills.

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