Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Promote Business on Second Life - Virtual World? Part 4

What Big Brands are doing on Second Life?

Marketing, Branding & Sales - Adidas, IBM, Reebok, Dell, Sun, Cisco, Nissan, Starwood

Sales – Enables customization of kitchen, garage (Sears in collaboration with IBM), links to sears for purchase

Marketing – American Apparel sells items of clothing and offers 15% discount if buy same item in real world

External Communication

• BMW communicates its clean energy concept
• Coca-cola holds competition
• Product & concept development
• Philips electronics, Toyota, Starwood, PA consulting (for its clients)
• Toyota launches real and virtual products simultaneously and enable avatar to customize vehicles

• Job Fairs & Anonymous Contact – ABM Amro, IBM, Dell, PA Consulting etc.

Internal Communications, Trainings & educations – Springtime

Customer Communication - Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems - group meetings, customer education & training, product demos