Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to Promote Business on Second Life - Virtual World? Part - 5

Develop a low – cost international presence: You can set up a virtual shop and know your market by observing and interacting with other people. People from all over the world are on Second Life and some areas are also dominated by particular language/national groups.

Monitoring operations: A recent example is from AT&T, where engineers from Atlanta, Austin and New York have been using SL ‘to jointly monitor tests of rogue attacks on network devices, such as set-top boxes and other networking gear'

Training and development: Companies are using SL to train people in various sectors, and SL is being used on vocational degrees and by professional associations. It is particularly useful when you are gathering people who are geographically dispersed, or where it would be dangerous or expensive to simulate in real life. Examples are training border guards, mediators, doctors etc.

Recruitment: Individual companies are running events and initial interviews in Second Life (SL) and recruitment agencies like Manpower see it as a channel that will be increasingly important.