Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Promote Business on YouTube? Part 2

Why Brands like YouTube?

Brands like YouTube for three simple reasons –

• Reach of YouTube seems like mass media channel, as we can see from the statistics

• YouTube provides an excellent platform to create brand awareness and tell the world about the product and services

• Allows brands to connect with consumers on some emotional level

Popular Brands Active on YouTube

• Pepsi
• Toyota
• Coca-Cola
• Microsoft
• Nike
• Ford
• Quiksilver & Roxy

Active Indian Brands on YouTube

Upload large number of videos one news and updates

Tata Motors

1. Advertisement of various Tata motor brands
2. Videos of Tata Nano launch event

Tata Docomo

1. Advertisements
2. Promos
3. Contest winning entries, animations etc.

Kingfisher King of Good Times

1. Promos
2. Advertisements
3. Event video by Kingfisher brand

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