Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Promote Business on Second Life? Part 2

Why Second Life is popular with the Corporate?

Reason of Second Life’s getting popular with big brands -

Business goals - Second Life becomes the most convenient and technology advanced way to achieve business goals.

Platform to engage consumers - Companies recognized that Second Life (SL) gives consumers an opportunity to engage with a brand. Just like a corporate blog, but with much better exposure, as it allows use of other medium also like - 3d, chat, video, presentations, meetings.

Test Products – Corporate use Second Life (SL) to test their products and observe customers reaction.

For example – Starwood Hotels opening aloft in Second Life is a way to test-market the hotel’s design and rapidly prototype the evolving concept. For instance, staffers will observe how people move through the space, what areas and types of furniture they gravitate towards, and what they ignore.

Establish brand - To build their brand name, preferably as an extension of Real Life campaigns

• Activities on Second Life ranges from training to meeting spaces for remote workers

• It proves to be the best way to attract customers

• It reduces training and meeting cost

• Excellent platform to recruit employees

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