Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to Promote Business on Second Life - Virtual World? Part 3

Second Life - Virtual World Tools

Communication and collaboration — Residents and employees use real-time voice conferencing and chat, instant messaging, group messaging, and notecards. In addition, Residents continually develop business collaboration, communication and event management tools in response to emerging methods of doing business.

Creating & shaping – 3d prim building, linden scripting language, texture, sound / animation import. The Second Life world is full of user-generated content that provides a rich backdrop to every experience of Second Life. Companies that own virtual land can choose to control building activities on their property, depending on their needs.

Micropayments — Real and virtual products, services and entertainment can be easily purchased with a click. Residents make purchases using the in-world currency, Linden Dollars (L$), which are automatically transferred from the buyer to the seller's account. The seller can then convert the L$ to US$ on an open market exchange such as the LindeX.

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