Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why blogging is important?

Reasons of Blog’s Popularity -

• Generating Traffic – Blogs are a proven vehicle of generating traffic. Blogs reach demographics which even TV advertisement finds hard to reach.

• Better opportunity to understand customers – Blogs provides you platform to better understand your customers needs and requirement s. To enhance understandability, you can ask them questions regarding- how they find your product or services or how you can serve them better or would they like to suggest something etc.

• Transparency – Everyone knows that plays every important role whether its relationship or business. Blogs provides you with an opportunity to keep your customers updated about latest happenings, new product launches etc. within an organization. People want authentic messages from authentic voices as this helps them in building their trust in you and the organization.

• Measurability - Nothing can be compared to the metrics available on the web. You can think of blogs as direct marketing on steroids, without the spam filter problems of email.

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