Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blog Promotion Strategies and Important Facts

For successful Business Blog

Post on the regular basis – Keep it up to date, a blog which people will consider relevant should be updated every few days. Concentrate on providing the most current information on issues facing your industry, or information of interest to your marketplace at large. Also remember to post any breaking news you come across as soon as you find it.

Ask for Feedback - Successful blogs encourage reader participation. Appreciate your readers feedback whether they are positive or negative.

Avoid using graphics – Keep it simple. Avoid using too many graphics and use simple color schemes. Focus more on the content.

Quality Content – Content is a necessity for online businesses, because it gives visitors a reason to come back. The better the content you provide, the quicker your audience will grow.

Important Blog Promotion facts

Building significant Search Engine Traffic takes time – It generally, takes some time for new blogs to gain search engines trust. Post quality and search engine friendly content to maximize search engine traffic.

Focus on other Sources of Traffic – It is true, that Search engine traffic is highly sought after because these visitors are actively looking for what you have to offer. But other types of traffic have strong points too. Visitors who are referred from another blog will generally be more responsive since they have been recommended by someone they trust. Use social media to get traffic to your site.

Target to get Repeat Visitors - Repeat visitors will not only help to improve your overall traffic flow and stats, more importantly they will be your most responsive visitors in terms of comments, social media votes, sales etc. As they keep coming back and reading your blog, you will be earning more of their trust and your network will grow.

Do not ignore small Sources of Traffic – Do not ignore small sources of traffic, for example, participating in forums is likely to drive some traffic to your blog, but not tons. However, those visitors can be very valuable because they have met you or learned from you through the forum and they will be more likely to subscribe and become a loyal reader.

Networking is important – A strong network will provide you with friends and colleagues that can be a help when you need some advice, they can provide links to your blog, they can give you social media votes, they can be an inspiration and encouragement to you, and they can even wind up being your partners in future projects.

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